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How To Make Temporary Coon Tails:)

Gather The Things You Need
Take your piece of tape and tear them ahead of time. For big stripes have a big piece of tape, little stripes, little pieces, etc. Try to do big strips or really little stripes, or it will end up looking odd.
Alternate with conditioner and hair on the extension. Wrap the tape around the hair extensionswhere the conditioner is. (Make sure before hand you sewed the hair clips to the hair. Glue is acceptable but doesn’t work as well.)
Look at your hair extension. The tape is where the ‘bald/bare’ spots are gonna be. The uncovered will be colored. Is it going to look right?
Put the dye on the parts that do not have tape very carefully.
Follow the dye instructions for how long to leave it on for. Then when its completely dry take the tape off.

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