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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

 How to cut scene bangs:3

To cut your bangs, wash your hair and comb it straight out in the front of your eyes while your hair is still wet. make an even, horizontal part across your head where the bangs start. A line further back creates thicker bangs.
Start cutting wherever you want to. You can have “Cousin It” hair on one side and short bangs on the other half, or a gradual sloping transition with a sharp angle downward at the peak…Scene hair welcomes oddities. Just make sure you like it and it agrees with your face.
You can cut straight across for a blunt look, or you can create straight-across yet smooth bangs by making another part closer to your forehead and cutting this layer a little bit shorter than the first, so it will lighten up the overall look. (you can layer any kind of bangs like this)
You can also make the bangs look choppy by feathering. To feather with a regular pair of scissors (not as effective as a featherer like they use in salons), hold the scissors pointing straight up and snip vertically. I don’t know why this works but it does.
To have bangs that are swept to the side, make them longer.
you can cut at an angle this way, or you can cut shorter bangs at an angle

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