Zee the zombie – How to do leopard print hair

April 9, 2013 in April 2013 Articles


How to do leopard print hair
Things you will need:
>hair bleach
>three shades of dye (light, medium, and dark)
>q tips
>paper plate
>dye bowl
>tint brush
Step 1: section off an area of hair
Step 2: mix bleach in dye bowl and apply to the hair with your tint brush letting the bleach sit at the hair shaft for 20 mins and at roots for 10 mins then rinse
Step 3: put your 3 hair colors on a paper plate
Step 4: cover entire hair section roots to ends with lightest shade
Step 5: take a q tip and make circles with the medium shade and apply in random places
Step 6: take a different q tip and apply darkest shade around the medium creating a think semi circle border
Step 7: allow to sit for 30 mins then rinse the hair but DO NOT scrub the hair

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