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Leeann Lunatic

April 7, 2015 in The SceneKing

♛My name’s Leeann.♕ ✵I love music and photography.✵ ❦I’m agnostic and pansexual❦ ☯My dream is to play the main stage @ Warped Tour and later on, go on tour with Upon A Burning Body and/or Motionless In White.☯ ✞Motionless In White✞ ⋆Upon A Burning Body⋆ ♔Pierce The Veil♔ ✧Escape the Fate✧ ⚔Horror movies and Creepypasta⚔ ☮’Anime is life’ ~FallenAngel Frances☮ ❦Corpse Party❦ ❀Girls Bravo❀ ☠Future Diary☠ ✡Chibi Baby✡ ▪Fairy Tail▫