April 2, 2012 in The SceneKing

How to do scene hair
(with hair like mine^-^)

well I have half a head of hair basically, so this is for people with
similar hair and scene style c:

1)Straighten all your hair. (I have one of those mini straighteners,
they half with the shorter hair on one of your sides)
2)Either use a comb, or if you have one a teasing brush and balk comb
the side of your hair with the most hair.
3)Hairspray where you teased and comb down hair over the knots.
If you have hair putty, rub it on your hands, and between your fingers
and dispute it among the hair you didn’t tease, shake your hair a
little and spray over c:

Well that’s all! I hope this helped all the people with only one side
of hair^-^

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