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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

How To Temp-Dye tips of your hair like mine! 🙂

What you need:
Food coloring (color of your choice)
Plastic Gloves (unless you are ok with your fingers being stained)
Hair 😉
That’s All!

1. Put your hair to one side.
2. Put a drop of food coloring on your finger tip and take a small chunk of hair (preferably close to the same length)
3. Spread the color through the tips.
4.Move to the other side.
5. Do this to all of your hair until it is done.
The back may be harder, but it’s not impossible! 😛
Once that’s done, just comb your hair how you want it and that’s all!
Ta da your done! Simple, easy, and take a half hour tops, less time if your don’t have thick hair! 🙂
warning:washes out easily! :O

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