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August 12, 2013 in Archive articles



How to Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow

Things You’ll Need:
Face make up
Red/Pink eye shadow
Orange eyeshadow
Yellow Eyeshadow
Green eyeshadow
Blue Eyeshadow
Purple Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow base

1.Start by moisturizing and putting a little foundation and powder on the eyelids to achieve an even base (and the powder will stop the shadows fading quite as quick).

Apply a pink into the inner corner, and fade it out towards the center of the lid.

3.Apply an orange on top of where the pink has begun to fade

4.Apply a yellow on top of where the orange has begun to fade and fade the yellow slightly further along the lid.

5.Apply a strip of green onto the yellow, and then fade that a little further along the lid.

6.Apply a strip of blue slightly onto the green and then you fade that almost to your outer corner of your lid.

7.After you applied the eyeshadow use your brush to blend the colors together.

8.Use eyeliner and/or mascara to finish the look off.

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