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April 6, 2014

Alana Autopsy

Be who you want to be, it’s your choice! Not anyone else’s!!! Being scene is unique, creative and colorful! Why are you scene? Well for years I’ve wanted to archived this style but I couldn’t get the hair right and I wasn’t old enough… (I was pretty young) What is scene? It’s different to everyone. In my eyes, it’s being who you want to be and dressing colorful!! How does one become scene? It just… Comes kind if naturally…. It’s just a phase!!! Well to me.. It’s not. I’ve always been an alternative kid. I wanted to dye my hair bright colors when I was about 6! I just like to be different and creative!!! Let us dress and do what we want!! You’re going to be made fun of! Well everyone gets made fun of for the stupidest things. I just keep my head up high and let the haters hate!!


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  • Dani Detonate

    i know her shes a co-admin on my Sm page with me shes supper nice and way cool

    Dani Detonate

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