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How to Add Zebra Prints Onto Your Hair
1.) Mix your home Bleach kits, bleaching powder and your liquid peroxide into a plastic bowl, with a spoon, mix until your ingredients look ready. You must wear some rubber gloves just in case you spill anything, and then blend your mixture together with some kind of tint brush.
2.) Brush the bleach into the hair when where you want to dye should be covered. Then wait about ten minutes for this settle. Apply to your hair carefully.
3.) Turn on your light and check to see if you are happy with the hair you bleached.
4.) Gently wash your hair with your shampoo and conditioner, and rinse the hair properly, and then dry the hair with the blow dryer, without damaging your hair.
5.) Squeeze a walnut-sized portion of black semi-permanent hair dye from a company such as Manic Panic or Special Effects. You can select any color you want for your Zebra print.
6.) Comb out the bit of hair where you want the zebra print. Your Tint Brush must be dry now.
7.) Paint a diagonal stripe from your top right to your left, never meet the left side as this can go wrong.
8.) Then from your left side, start another stripe down the shaft of your hair.
9.) Continue down the hair with stripes from the right and the left.
10.) Rinse your Hair Dye out about 30 minutes later.

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