Missymorningstar – April 2012 SQ Articles

April 16, 2012 in April 2012 Articles

First off, you will need to get the hair layered and cut. I usually go
to the local beauty salon since i cut like a dead squirrel on crack
but if you are magically gifted at cutting hair, go ahead.
You will need to get it razored. Make sure you bring a photo and can
give whoever cuts your hair a good verbal description of what you want
your hair to look like.
After you are all done with that you can go hop on over to your local
walmart, drugmart, etc. and buy a teasing comb,hair extensions, and
hairspray. Do not get the Rave hairspray, it sucks and it gets your
hair all wet and gooey. Also, get accessories for your hair such as
cute bows and clips.
For teasing your hair up you will want to straighten it ( make sure to
use heat protectant ^^ ) After that, you can start to section your
hair off and tease it. Hairspray it, let it set for a tiny bit, and
then brush it down gently. DO NOT brush it all down or else you would
have just wasted hairspray. Repeat until finished and hairspray the
shiznuggets outta it so that it won’t fall down, add an accessory of

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