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October 26, 2013 in Oct 2013 SQ Models

hey there 🙂 at first.. Sorry for my bad english, I’m german 😉 I thought a long time about what to write, but I think I would wrote a bit about moving and meeting new people. It’s not allways easy to be the new girl in a city where nobody knows you or wants to get to know you.. In the last 3 years, I moved to 3 different cities. If you don’t look like other or just a bit ‘strange’, most people look at you with an raised eyebrow. But if them won’t be nice to you, give them a chance to know more about you and don’t block them. Talk with them and be who you be.. I’m new on my university.. so many people like divas laugh if they see me, but it doesn’t matter to me. Let them think what they want and not try to be what they want. I’m who I am and no one else. Sometimes, you’ll meet people you never think that they are nice or that cool like your friends at home.. but maybe, this guys will be the best friends you can expect in future 🙂 Love_DesignSnapshot

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