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Platinum Blonde Hair
(Achieving and Maintaining)

Platinum hair isn’t the easiest thing to have, and even if you can get your hair to the highest blonde color, it still may be damaged or extremely hard to maintain. Well, this is how I get my blonde color to look so platinum without having damaged hair.
Things needed:
• Color bowl
• Color brush
• Shower cap
• Gloves
• An old t-shirt (so you don’t get bleach on your clothes)
• A violet tinted bleach (I prefer using Blondor bleach, found in salons/ professional beauty stores)
• 30v developer and 10v developer (cream developer)
• Heat source
• Measuring cup
• Violet toner (I use Paul Mitchel Icy Blue Violet, but any violet toner will work fine)

1. Test your hair to see the quality of it.
a. Pull a piece of hair out of your hair and stretch it. If it takes a while for your hair to break then its elasticity is good and you shouldn’t have a problem going blonde, but if it breaks immediately, you should probably consider a less damaging color to your tresses.
2. Once you have tested, section hair into 4 sections.
3. Put on gloves and mix bleach and developer together into color bowl using the color brush
a. For every 1 oz. of bleach, pour in 2 oz. of 30v developer
4. Once bleach looks like frosting, you may then apply to your hair sections, starting at the back and working to the front sections.
a. If you have never put color on your hair before or have any other color on your hair other than bleach, start in the middle of your hair strands, coating all the middle part of your hair, then go back and color over the roots and ends because the roots and ends of hair process the fastest so will need the least amount of time.
b. If you have a different shade of blonde on your hair then start at the roots and coat them, then go back over the rest of your hair.
5. Once color is all over your hair, put the shower cap on your head and sit under a heat source, whether it’s a blow dryer or a salon dryer, for approximately 50 minutes.
6. Once time finishes, take off cap and mix up a toner.
a. 1 oz. of toner to 1 oz. of 10v developer.
7. Now rinse bleach out of your hair with cool water
8. While hair is still wet, pull toner through hair, massaging it in with your fingers till it completely coats your hair.
9. Leave toner in for 5-10 minutes.
10. Rinse out toner with cool water.
11. Shampoo and condition hair, letting conditioner sit for 5 minutes.

I recommend investing in a good salon quality shampoo and conditioner and using a violet shampoo once or twice a week to keep platinum color. I use Joico brand reconstructive shampoo/ conditioner. Also, use a deep conditioning treatment (add heat to it) once a week. I use NEVO deep conditioning treatment.
1st week after bleaching, try not to use too many heating tools or brushing too hard, this can cause stress on your hair.
Also, during the summer time, if you are going to be swimming, invest in a clarifying shampoo to get chlorine out of your hair. Before you get in the chlorine, wet your hair with regular tap water to make sure hair doesn’t soak up the harmful chemical.

Best of luck☺

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