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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

! how to properly tease your hair!!

Before beginning to work with your hair, you need to wash it properly. Thereafter, let it air-dry and brush, to remove the tangles. Never ever tease wet hair, as it might lead to tearing and damage.
If you have the time and patience, curl your hair before you start the teasing procedure, unless it is the beehive look you are aspiring for.
With the help of a tail-comb, separate a single strand or section of hair, possibly 1 inch wide. Use clips to secure the rest of the hair. It is better to start at the crown and then move downwards.
Firmly holding up the strand with one hand, gently brush against it. Make sure to keep a distance of approximately five inches from the scalp.
As you continue holding up the strand, lightly brush towards the scalp. Make sure that you create tangles that offer resistance. However, don’t use so much strength that hair breaks or the brush gets tangled in hair.
Keep on repeating the brushing, known as teasing, till you feel that you have attained the desired volume.
After this, use some hairspray on the teased section and let it down gently.
Using the tips of the brush, lightly brush the un-teased section of the strand, making sure that you keep away from the teased section.
Keeping the teased strand aside, repeat the procedure on other strands, till the entire hair has been teased.
In case you want additional volume, scrunch the hair after the teasing is complete.

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  1. I just use a teasing comb, and Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray and it works fine. I tease my hair a lot though, I guess it kinda depends on how much volume you’re aiming for.

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