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August 12, 2013 in Archive articles


How To: Smokey Eyes Makeup
By: Anniee Asylumm

Step one: Apply concealer around your eyes (This helps get your skin even)

Step two: Apply a silver/white color all over eye lid

Step three: Choose ANY color and apply to eyelid, but leave the inner corners of your eyes (Make sure you can still see the white/silver in the corner!)

Step four: Take a grey color and apply starting with the outer corners of your eye and in about half way on your eye lid.

Step five: Apply a black color to the outer corners of your eye, and a little more than half way on your crease. Also apply up past the eye lid on the outer corners and do not go past where you stopped with your crease.

Step six: Apply eyeliner and Mascara (Don’t be afraid to play around with eyeliner and false eyelashes!)

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