SCENE QUEENS® – Katastrophic Karnival

October 26, 2013 in Oct 2013 SQ Models

I believe scene is the new trend. I mean look around these days you see so many of us its hard to believe. We tend to be loud and generally have a good time. We have a lot of confidence, which makes some of us stuck up but hey that’s okay. We take a lot of pictures because were prud of how we are and how we look. Some of may like little kid things like dinos, hairbows, coloring books, and playing in playgrounds. We like to go to concerts, but refer to them as “shows”. We wear skinny jeans, tight shirts, and eyeliner. Because that’s what we feel comfortable in Us girls usually have a choppy hair cut, and we tease their hair a lot. The guys usually have long bangs which must be tossed out of their face. Us girls usually have bright make-up. We love EVERYTHING in day-glo colors. Some of us may like to add extra letters to words, like kid is kidd, rawr is rawwr, et cetera. Some of us may use old slang like stellar and rad. We also listen to hardcore music and love bands that nobody else has ever heard of. But that’s what we enjoy and don’t care what anyone else thinks

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