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June 10, 2013 in June 2013 Articles


hi im kimmy (: im 18 years old and i been doing modeling sense i was 16. i love having fun and meeting new people. i don’t really know how this website works but ill give it a try. i enjoy seeing scene models take amazing pictures and how different there style is. hello kitty is one of the things that makes me scene most of the time. lexi lush is a great role model for me to be scene (: even alot of other famous models. i wish to be like lexi lush and model for hello kitty stuff just like her. it amazes me alot for scenes to becaming something more than just being a beginner.

well enough of me (: all im gonna say how i do my hair cx which of course my hair is cut in layers but it’s not low so it’s short in the back and long in the front like my bangs((:
of course you need: combs,hair spray “good kind” hair straighter,blow dryer and sculpting gel (: these are just things you need.
first: apply sculpting gel
second:straighten your hair
third:blow dry it
fourth:brush it the way you want your hair to go(:
fifth:apply hair spray, so go crazy xD “not to much not to little”
six:tease ur hair!:3 “best part
seven:make sure it looks good!:3 go have fun! c; <3 btw shower so u have fresh clean hair!


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