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So I have short hair and If you look at my pics I look good with short hair. Well, what I have notice a lot of girls look ok with short hair, but then they look weird or ugly with long.  :”(   How do you look good with long hair when literally you have had short hair all your life?? How do you tease those suckers????? Short hair (bout up to my shoulders) is much easier to tease! I want to grow my hair out longer but once again… yea so if you can help me it would be muy fantastico!!!!!!!!!  😉  like that?? lol i said it in spanish.  TEEHEE

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  1. The more layers, the easier it is to make it ‘scene.’ If you try to tease it without layers, it’s not gonna look super great. You could also try extensions, it may not be your real hair, but a lot of scene queens use em. Hope that helped! :3

  2. You should grow it out a few inches past your shoulders (And see if it looks okay) , and as for teasing how about short layers?
    I also like long hair myself though. xD

  3. to be truthfully honest for me to get it at a perfect volume where you see my layers and so its perfect circuler ontop a total of 3 hrs. My hair is naturaly thick and super curly so of course I have to straighten it. However though my hair is really cut to my neck short layered i have extentions to get the long length for you situation try buying some that match your hair color so it looks natural. clip ins are good you can clip and go and you can put them anywhere also I recomend extentions because with that youcan decide if you want short one day then long the next. HOWEVER if you just want it naturqly which takes time try yousing LONG AND MAINE its ashampoo used on horse tails (IT WORKS WEUSE IT SOMETIMES FOR COMETOLOGY) it helps strengthin and make you hair thicker as well as the growing process hope this helps!

  4. your hair is really pretty! anyway, i have long thick hair and i use alot of hairspray. i put my hair in pony tails but leave out abit at the back, tease that then move on to teasing one side. it takes me about 15mins to do my hair. hopefully this helped a little bit. c:

  5. you’re right, your hair looks very pretty short! when you tease it it depends on if you wanna use a lot of hairspray or notttt. if not i usually just tease with a brush bc then i dont get a lot of tangles. otherwise, you need a good amount of hairspray depending on what kinda hair you have, like thick, curly, thin, etc..
    hope this helpedd!

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