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What You Need:
Black and Dark Brown Eyeliner Stick
(Recommended Brand: MAC or Wet And Wild)

Black, Green, Blue, Gray, White, and Purple Eyeshadow
(Recommened Brand: NYX (They have those 3-color palettes and it stays
very well)

Black Mascara
(Recommended Brand: Maybelline)

Foundation (Powder Works Well Too)
(Recommended Brand: Almay or MAC)

(Recommended Brand: Wet and Wild)

Nude Lipstick
(Recommended Brand: Victoria Secret)

What To Do:
1. Put lotion on your face, that way it gives it a nice glow

2. Cover your face with the concealer or powder (whichever one you
KEY: For concealer, use a sponge, and get into all the creases. For
powder, use a FAT make-up brush so it covers a good portion

3. Apply bronzer to the SIDE of your face. It tightens up your face
and makes your face look really good in photos

4. Take your eyeliner, and outline your eye. If you want to make it
thicker, drag aother line. It’ll build up.
KEY: Make sure your pencil isn’t just sharpened, write with it a
little to dull it down, the duller it is, the bigger the line it will
make. And also PRACTICE!

5. Take your first eyeshadow color. What you need to do is grab a
q-tip and rub it around in the eyeshadow. Then draw a line with the
q-tip above the eyeliner at the top of your eye. Keep on applying to
make it darker and keep on building up to the crevace near your eye.

6. For my POPED out eyes, alot of people do multi-colored shadow. Do
step 5, but do not apply it up to your crease. Leave room for another
color. Let’s say you just did dark green. Now get the light green, rub
a q-tip in it, and draw a line above the dark green. Get what I’m

7. Eyelashes. First! Curl your lashes with a lash curler (they dont
hurt) and second apply mascara. Mascara should always be black and
applied quite a few times until your lashes look long. Then, grab some
black eyeshadow and dip a small brush in it. Rub the brush on your
lashes so that the black eyeshadow gets on them. It will make your
lashes look darker, and stay longer.
KEY: Alot of scenesters use fake eyelashes. Make sure to find some
that are your color eyelashes and follow the directions to put them
on. You can also cut them for necessary length

8. Apply chapstick. Then apply some concealer or powder over your
lips. Then apply the nude-colored lipstick. Scene makeup always
involves nude-colored lips.

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