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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

How to make coontails with normal clip in hair extensions! 😀

***Things you will need*** ♥
1. clip in hair extensions
2. flat surface
3. Pretty colored sharpie (permanent)
4. old news papers
5. old ruler 😀

🙂 First- Spread out a few newspapers on your flat surface.
🙂 Second- Lay your clip in hair extensions on the newspapers! :3
🙂 Third- Make sure that there are no knots in them 😀
🙂 Fourth- Get your sharpie ready c(:
🙂 Fifth- Take the ruler and lay it horizontally on the hair extension
🙂 Sixth- Use the sharpie to evenly color in a small section of the hair extension (maybe about the width of the ruler when tilted vertically)This will create a stripe on the hair piece.
🙂 Seventh- After you have colored a section of your hair extension, move the ruler below your new stripe!
🙂 Eighth- Repeat steps 5-7
🙂 Last Step!!! – Repreat ALL of the steps above to color your other hair extensions!

Afterwards!!!!*** Let them dry for a while. Now you’re ready to wear them 😀 ♥


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