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September 18, 2014 in The SceneKing

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How to two tone dye your hair with blonde on top/black on bottom. what you will need: ~black hair dye (any brand) ~hair bleach (i prefer Splat) ~rubber gloves (you can buy them at a dollar store, plus the hair dye boxes come with them) ~hair tie (we all have those lol) 1). Start by separating the top layers or your hair fr om the bottom ones. 2). Tie up the top layers of hair into the hair tie, making sure they do not touch the bottom layers. 3). Mix the black hair dye so its ready to use. 4). Put on a set of rubber gloves. 5). You then will cover the bottom layers of your hair with black hair dye. 6). When you are done with the bottom half, you will then take off the gloves you have on and throw them away. 7). Then you will need to mix the bleach together and put on a different pair of gloves. 8). Next you will Carefully cover the top layers of your hair with bleach. It is helpful to tie it in a bun so they wont get on the black. 9). Let it sit for 20 – 30 mins. 10). Wash out the dye and bleach. 11). Blow dry or let your hair dry on it own. 12). Style it how you want and enjoy!

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