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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

How i make my style more personal and unique!!:
*I normally use a black eyeliner/Creme eyeliner is easier for me. i do a typical cat-eye outline around my eyes.
*Next i take 3 different color eyeshadows. A very light color, a medium color, and a very dark color.
*outline the inner corners of my eyes with the lightest color
*then i use the darkest color and shade the top bit of the outter corner of my eyes.
*After these two steps are complete i take the medium color and blend it between the light and dark. this creates a shinyish look c(:
* After my eyeshadow steps are complete i use 3 different mascaras to make my lashes intense (i prefer this rather than fake lashes)
– Last step is using liquid eyeliner to create a personal design (normally meaning something to ME personally not jus any look) or make something cool for the holidays<3
*Normally when i dress i use colors light on dark. im not a dark person and im not a colorful person im more in between. i dont use plain blue jeans i love designs and smokey looks. if im wearing a solid dark shirt i will use lightest jeans. if im using a light shirt i wear dark pants etc 🙂 its just simple nothing special. My main shoes are converse but to stand out i will draw on them to make them super epik xD
*My must is arm warmers. Summer Fall Or Winter,Different color arm warmers will always top of a smexy outfit xD
* Another big thing is gothic accessories. Such as my laced choker with a black cross (i am christian and that choker represents it in my favorite style)
*BOWS!! i typical scene thing. but i dont use huge exagerated bowa. i like them small and like them with a littlle MMPH lol. example my panda striped bow clip 😀

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