April Anarchy – How to make a Kandi bracelet

April 9, 2013 in April 2013 Articles


Kandi is becoming a fad in the world of people like us. I’ve been noticing it on alot of the most popular “scene queens” out there.ive been making kandi for awhile and I trade it with my friends and random strangers . I make alot of kandi cuffs and necklaces and a few masks but today ill be telling you how to make a kandi single.

What is kandi?- Kandi is an accessory that ravers wear and trade with eachother , this types of ravers are called kandi kids. They trade there kandi with the other ravers to symbolize P.L.U.R ( peace love unity respect) Kandi can be anything you want and you can put anything on your kandi for a charm. Like last week I put a Pokemon card on mine. There’s all sorts of wacky and snazzy things people use.

You’ll need: beads . 30 is the normal amount on one bracelet. You can use any color pattern you like. And then you’ll need elastic string. I get the “Bead n’ Stretch ” brand . You’ll need scissors and your fingers too c:

Step one : cut a sizable amount of string . You’ll want a good length being as you’ll want alot left to tie it successfully .

2: start putting your beads on . And if you have a charm put that on first. You’ll need Atleast 25 to 30 beads depending how big your wrists are.be as creative with the color of the beads as possible!

3 after you finish putting on your beads tie it! Remember ,YOULL NEED ALOT OF EXCESS STRING TO TIE IT PROPERLY. Take one end of the string and pull it through a bead and make sure it’s tied over a bead or else the knot will pull out whenever it’s stretched.

4 tie a good knot . Make sure to tie it Atleast 3 times and pull it really really hard. Like a radical kind of hard.

5. Wear it and trade with your friends! Get as diffrent and original with your kandi as possible. You can find alot of tutorials on YouTube c:

Ps: goodluck! -April Anarchy

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