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I have a BIG problem I want to die my hair and my mom and dad wont let me die my other then its natural color, what do I do 

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  1. Ok, I had this problem I was 12 when I wanted to do the same, however though I went aqgainst my parents and waited till i was 14 and started going crazy with the hair dye eventully they just didn’t care anymore lol. HOWEVER now considering im a cosmetoligy student I advise DONT DO IT BIG by this i mean start off small if your anything like me (not saying youare because we are all diffrent) try extentions first by some blonde human ones and dye them your selected color or by them already colored that way you can place them wherever you like also if youdye your hair a color and it dose not compliment you, you might have trouble stripping the color which is verrrrry damaging . SO like i said try extentions first then if you feel confident move onto pieces of your hair then once thats done GET CREATIVE!!!!!! lol but first try extentions cause you cant screw up extentions and they come off anyway! (: as for natural colors try deep aburns,or bergendies these are in the red/ purple area and theylook really beautiful if you want a “blue” color try blue black in the light it’ll be a nice shade of blueand in the dark it’ll be black, also pretty especialy with colored extentions try platnium blonde( FOR THAT COLOR IADVISE GO TO A SALON IT CAN BE VERRRRRY DAMAGING DUE TO THE PH LEVEL) but also test already made strips against your skin/ face that way you know if you like it you cando it (: hope this helps doll (:


  2. that’s the same way with my parents… but i’ve found a way to trick them! just do a bad habit that they totally hate (mine is taking hour showers it totally pisses them off!) and make them think that you’ve gotten over dyeing it. then keep up with the bad habit so it seems it has stuck with you. then start being better at your bad habits (for me its taking quicker showers) and then they will be proud of you etc. and then say since you are doing so good… ask if after a period of time of keeping it up you could have a reward OF YOUR CHOICE! do u see where im going???? 😀 yayay! in case you dont know what then happens you fullfill the task and when they ask what you want tell them you want to dye your hair without them having a say in it (or in the ‘goodiest little girl’ way you can!) MUHAHAHAHA! plan acheived! ;3

  3. my mom won’t let me dye my hair and she keeps calling me emo. its offensive to me. she wont respect me. if she sees my hair in my eyes she thinks its emo and if i wear makeup she thinks its emo.

  4. dying it isnt thaaaat bad but it depends what color you’re trying to go to :/ be careful with bleach or just use a lightener 😀

  5. ^_^ same with my parents! lol um best thing if you want to die it, see if you can dye it one of the norms (black, red, blonde, brown) and then see about highlights and tips. 🙂

    • when my parents first refused i asked if i could do just the normal ones and they said yes… so i did red…. but it was like BRIGHT BLOOD RED! haha i like fooling my parents… theyre so gullable! X3

  6. dont give a shizzle and dye it

  7. dye it anyway its your hair

  8. you can buy a whole bunch of hair extensions and put the in your hair to look like you dyed part of it i got some for my bangs and my parents thought i dyed my hair buy i didnt hope it works

  9. Do it anyway! Don’t let anyone stop u from being who u r.

  10. ohmygosh ….same here T.T….i love purple*u*…btw not only my parents ..but skl also (N)

  11. My parents didn’t like the fact that I wanted to dye my hair either. I showed them some pictures of what I wanted to do, and I said I’d buy the products myself. It’s probably best to start out small, like a streak of color or a coontail or something small like that. But show them what you want, and tell them about the products you’re wanting to use (I recommend Manic Panic because it’s vegan – based) and just give them time to get used to the idea. [:

  12. Keep your hair natural. Buy extensions and dye them. You are bit too young to start ruining your hair 🙂

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