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March 20, 2012 in February 2012 Articles

Scene Fashion Tips:

So, you have the hair,you have the attitude, but what you’re missing is…. The clothes! Here are some popular clothing styles in the scene world.

Skinny Jeans Or Colorful Leggings:
A very popular style is REALLY colorful skinny jeans and leggings, and generally anything that helps you stand out in the crowd.

Band Or Graphic T-Shirts:
These are very popular,just buy your favorite band’s merchandise or a T-Shirt with a cute picture and your set!

Vans or converse are very popular, but be creative with stuff like heels or skate shoes!

The most important part of your outfit is to make it unique! Use your creativity, and go out and rock the scene world with your unique outfits!

Lots of Love,
Jenna Jinxx<3

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