Scotty ZombieSlayer

March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

Haii There:3 My name is Alissa Christine Goodnough..But my friends call me Scotty ZombieSlayer.:’D

I am doing my article on “Scene Makeup”:)
Some Scenes like to wear there makeup dark, others bright and colorful..but I like to do mine different..I set mine off of hearts So Here we goo:)
Step One Ladies:First, I recommend cleaning your face and moisterizing, then you put your foundation and/or powder on.:3
Step Two Homies: When your done, Get your eyeliner pencil(any color), and put on your eyeliner like usual accept light.
Step Three:When your finished wuth both eyes, Get the same color liquid eyeliner and trace over the eyeliner on the top lid adding a wing at the end.
Step 4:Using your eyeliner pencil trace off the wings and make a heart at the end. You can put as many as desired..

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