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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles


Stuff you will need…..
Razor comb, scissors, razor, what ever you use to cut hair.

30 minutes TOPS but if its your first time…you might take longer…an slower…:P
Or if you DON’T want to do it your self…take a picture to a salon and let them.

This is super easy!

FIRST: Take your cutting utensil…and take a PIECE of your hair (Preferably at the top for layers)

SECOND: Start at the bottom of the piece of hair, slant your razor (or whatever you are using) and start pushing down (NOT TOO HARD BUT NOT TOO SOFT) and start going back and forth and work your way up.

THIRD: Once you have that piece done, and you are going to another piece repeat steps 1&2.
Once your done and you are happy…CONGRATS YOU HAVE SCENE HAIR! And now you are ready for teasing and styling! Good luck!

(NOTE: If you screw up…it is NOT my fault! )

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