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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

How To Get Your Hair From A Dark Color To A Light Color

~My Hair Was Black Before I Died It Pink. My Sister’s Hair Was Black And She Tried Dying It Blond;Didn’t Turn Out Right Though.
Step One – Go To Any Salon Or Store And Find Hair Dye Removal
Step Two – Take The Color Our Your Hair And It Will Be A Caramel Color
Step three – Bleach It Blonde And Make Sure There Are No Orange Or Dark Colors. If There Is Your Dye Has To Be A Dark Strong Color. If It Is A Light Color Like My Pink It Will Come Out A Dull Orange Non-Attractive Color >.<
Step Four – Make Sure You Have Gloves And A Towel Or Wet Wash Rag. Just In Case It Gets On Spots Not Wanted Hurry And Wash It Off With A Warn Wet Rag. You Can Also Use Petroleum Jelly To Block The Stains From Reaching Your Skin.

Finally Let The Dye Sit For Atleast 30 Minutes.

I Per Fer Letting It Set For At Least An Hour Because It Helps The Color Darken And Stay Longer.

Hope This Helps Yall (:

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