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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

How to look epic inexpensively x3

*Make torn jeans at home
Love the torn to shreds look, but don’t have the cash? Shred them yourself 😀
What you need:
-Old skinny jeans (don’t ruin a new pair D:)
-Flat surface
Simply put the pants on a flat surface (or on) and run the razor over the portion you want ripped. The more strokes- bigger the holes 😀
Pair these with a cute colorful tank top and sneakers…maybe even a bow in your colorful teased hair
Speaking of bows….
What you need:
-Bobby pins
-Colorful duct tape
1. Cut a strip 6-8 inches long
2. Fold the strip in half so there aren’t any sticky parts to get caught in your hair
3. Fold the piece “accordion style”
4. Pinch the middle and use a small piece to tape t together and to the bobby pin (just one side so it can get in your hair xD)
*Have a bunch of boring tank tops? Get some iron on decorations or make your own design and print it on iron-on paper to sass up your shirts. (I made one with a picture of a camera and underneath says “I shoot people”)
*Also, if you want new clothes but little money in the wallet, check out local thrift stores. You’ll be surprised at what you can find x3
Hope these tips helped 🙂

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