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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

 How I Do My Hair and Eyes:

What You Will Need:
-hair dyes (any color)
-blonder hair
-eyeliner pencil
-good mascara
-a hair dryer
-a straightener
-a good “scene” haircut

Basically what I do is I dye my hair (bright colors mostly, I use manic panic, amplified, raw, and used to use sharpie, but that is messy.), leave it in for the amount needed, then wash it out, blow dry it. And since my hair is naturally curly. When I blow dry it turns out wavy-ish. Anyway. Then I brush my hair out. My bangs are cut to fall right above my brow in a wave-ish thing. If you get that cut. It should work. I then straighten the back of my hair and let it fall flat a bit. Maybe push it up and make it poof a little. that’s how I do my hair. When it comes to my eyes I take the eyeliner pencil (I use simply sweet brand) and draw on the inside of my waterline. Make sure your pencil is well sharpened otherwise your eyes will water and it will wash off. Then keep going over going down a little each line making the line thicker and darker. But not messy. It may take a while for your eyes to adjust to this weird feeling if never done before. Then you take the mascara. I! use blue mascara. Im not sure what brand it is. Anyways and you just put it on like you would making your lashes a bit bigger and make it so it looks like you have liquid liner on your top lid. If it doesn’t work just use liquid liner. Just to make it pop out. Use it on the bottom too.
And that’s about all I do. If you follow these steps you should look similar to what I look like. Enjoy:3

Now I’v been doing this or three years. And people always tell me my hair is gonna fall out. But truth be told. Manic panic and those other brands are conditioner or oil based hair dyes. So instead of putting harmful chemicals in your hair your using temporary dyed that don’t hurt your hair. Also. If your hair does start to get damaged. Just deep condition it with deep conditioner. And it should help a bit. Enjoy. :3

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