March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

Makeup,very helpful…for school,if you go to school,and have rules about heavy makeup.Okay,so first do your every day skin cleanse and mosturizing.Then,of course what i do is use a face primer like eye primer(wich you could get at a drug store),so then you use concealer use it in needed areas of ur face,use foundation if you want or need to..just keep it light enough u don’t have a cakeface.Then use your mascara,after put on eyeliner of your choice,just not thick,enough to see it.After that,your choice light pink blush,use a big floppy brush ,contour it to your desire.Nude or light lip gloss,again your choice…or lip balm,chapstick…or put on your light pink lip stick on lightly…just make it subtle..hope i helped.

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