Shelby Shivers

March 15, 2012 in March 2012 Articles

Most believe all scene’s shop at Hot Topic,Pac Sun or Spencer’s…. Well lets admit all are amazing stores but we also create our own styles,fashion trends and accessories. If you were to look at a scene model you would see they all have there own style,we are not all robots here on earth.

An easy way to have the scene fashion is to wear bright colors! Black also looks well on most people but you might want alil color here and there like a belt and some extensions or something. Just to add some “ZING” <3. You might want to buy or find some old pants because although they may be old with alil snip,and stich they can be a real eye catcher! ALWAYS HAVE ACCESSORIES! KANDI,KANDI,KANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never wear boots unless they’re really cute because some can make you look like you have duck feet and duck feet are never attractive.:(.Just stay with the vans and converse.;).LAST BUT NOT LEAST…..THE SHIRTS! YAY! Okay so your either gonna want a shirt with bright “BUTT” colors!,or with some characters like fin and jake because who doesn’t like cartoons?!AND THERE YOU GO YOU SHOULD LOOK AWESOME AND “BEAUTIFUL LIKE A BRAND NEW HOME!”

-<3 Shelby Shivers

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