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What you need
-clear tape!

1. take the (STRAIGHTENED) piece of hair you want to make a sweeeeet coontail in. (pin the rest back or something) make sure its all the same length and when your hair is just normal (straightened) it is naturally all together and not just random little pieces all over the place.

2. take a piece of tape like 2-3 inches long, and put it on towards the top of the strip of hair. then fold the piece of tape over, so its wrapped around the hair.

3. keep doing that. make sure the intervals between the tape are all even and the tape is tight around your hair (you can get it off by wetting it or just ripping it out or cutting the tape apart)

4. mix your hairdye, put on your gloves, make sure the rest of your hair is all pinned/clipped back or else you will get weird spots all over the parts where it touches later on.

5. put a little (like pea sized amount) of hairdye on your thumb and pointer finger, and rub them together or something so it doesn’t drip off. then, starting at the highest stripe, put your two hairdye fingers on either side and rub them together on the first hair stripe. try to hold the taped part underneath the first stripe tight with your other two fingers on the other hand, because hairdye might seep into it while you are putting it on the hair right above the tape. make sure the hair is covered with hairdye, and then move down to the next stripe.

6.nooooow you wait however long the hairdye you have takes to develop. when its done, wash it out in the sink/shower whatever. the tape comes right off in water.


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