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My name is Jala` and one thing I can say about myself is that I am a
true original. We all are true originals and it is our destiny to
exude the autheniticity which seperates us from each other. It is our
duty to remain indiviiduals no matter how much we want to follow the

I have been bullied for years about the fact that i enjoy
distinguishing myself from others by the way I dress, the way I do my
hair, and the way I behave. The bullying I faced led to two suicide
attempts and two hospitalizations for those attempts due to the
constant bullying negatively affecting me.

Luckily I survived and I remained myselfthrough it all. William
Shakespeare said “Be true to thine ownself.” and that is my motto that
I plan on getting tatooed on myself in the future. I believe everyone
should be free to express themselves the way they’d like to.

Life isn’t about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself. So be
who you want to be and never let anyone change you no matter what. If
you’re bullied don’t let it get you down and don’t let it change you
because you are you for a reason.

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