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March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

Trying to get your hair from a darker color (like brown or black) can be difficult! If you have tried, you’ll understand the frustration in it >___< And afterwards your hair feels nasty…
My hair is naturally brown, I’ve tried multiple ways to try and get it to a light blonde for dying it “exoctic” colors (;3)
I have found a product that turns my hair LIGHT blonde within TWENTY MINUTES! Isn’t that awesome?! 😀
The product I use is calle “Raw” (beyond bleach).
After you bleach your hair, mixing the bleaching powder and the liquid together, after you wash I wash it out I leave the toner in for about thirty minutes.
Wash that out and deep condition it, leave your conditioner in for another thirty minutes, or you can use a hot oil treatment.
There we go! 😀
**Tips on making your “exoctic” hair color last longer…
*Wash your hair with cold water
*Make sure your shampoo is sulfur free!
*If you shower everyday, don’t use shampoo everyday, just use conditoner every other day
-Hope that helps 🙂

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