July 10, 2014 in The SceneKing

The Judgers- So yeah, people will judge you if you decide to become scene/emo/Goth But, why? It’s actually a really plain reason. They JUDGE you, because they don’t like your style. Kind of outrageous right? The fact that people will HATE if they don’t like the way you ACT or LOOK. A simple tip from me? Don’t listen to them. I know you’re saying, “That’s easy though.” Oh boy, you are totally wrong. One way or another, you’re going to give in and listen. You’re not going to immediately “accept” it. You’ll have some troubles and a few times you may get down or stressed. However, you just keep being YOU. Just think for a moment, WHO is controlling you? NO ONE but YOU. Who has the right to judge you? NO ONE. Heck, you shouldn’t even judge yourself! ~Some friendly advice :3


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