Tahoe Toxicity

April 4, 2012 in April 2012 Articles

Tahoe Here:D
I’m suppose to write and Helpful&&Informative Article here..correct?
Well, here goes Nothing:D!

So, Let’s ALL be honest with ourselves..okay?

Being Yourself:

Me, Personally…when I was younger..I thought I couldn’t be myself,
because people would judge me, make-fun of me…do mean things to
me…we’ve almost all felt that way at some point in our lives, right?

But..to be honest…you can’t hind your TRUE self from other
people..it has to come out eventually..and trust me..you’ll
most-likely win a lot more friends if you be yourself.
I kinda learned that the hard way.
I would always be stressed out, depressed..didn’t really care about
anything at all except myself..and what people thought of me..It hurt
my relationship with my family, as well..
So, be yourself!:D
More people will love you for who you truely are!
And if they don’t..then its there loss!c:


So, ask yourself…’Have I Ever Judged Anyone..?’
…99.9% of us have…
We judge people everyday!
Just liek they judge us.
Even one little simple comment liek…’Omg..Look at her! Ew!’ ..
Just by someone’s appearance, doesn’t really make them what you make
them out to be.
My friend Sophie, well…the first time i ever saw her…she was as
skinny as a tooth-pick…I judged her..smarting off to some of my
other friends..and i really regret it…because little did i know..she
was anorexic..she’s one of my best friends now. And she’s simply
So, really…don’t judge a book by its cover…and don’t smart off
about people when you don’t even know them..or know anything about
them and their lives.


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  1. i think saying not to judge someone is wrong, im not saying judge people by how they look, or how they do things, or their beliefs. im saying judge people by their actions, like if they hurt people, ask them why and care but if they blow you off judge them as a not so nice person. i say to judge people by their actions, but not by looks, beliefs, religon or anyone thing else, just their actions. c:

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