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May 24, 2013 in May 2013 SQ Models, The SceneKing

-How to make kandi–
Things you’ll need:
Beads (an assortment of different styles and colors is best)
String (you can use just about any string, but beading string works best)
1. Measure the string to the length of your wrist, and add four inches to it. That will ensure it will fit your wrist once the beads are all on. Cut the string. (:
2. Tape the end of the string to a table top, counter, or whatever surface you happen to be near. I like to use the lids of the beads.
3. Start stringing your beads!! 😀 You will normally use about 25-28 beads. They can be in any order, size, or shape. Fun ones to add in are charms. If to want the bracelet to say something, add lettered beads. I like letters and glow in the dark beads best. :3
4. Once you finish beading, carefully remove the tape, and tie the ends of the string together to make a bracelet! Knot it about 5-8 times, to make sure it won’t come undone.
5. Now you can wear your brand new bracelet! You can make ’em, share ’em, and trade ’em!
I hope you enjoy making bracelets as much as I do! <3


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