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Hair care for thin hair =) Some people thinks that who has very thin hair like mine can’t have scene hair. It’s not true and I can get you some hints to get your hair scene easly. -Step 1. The frist hint that I can get it’s: Do you have thin and flat hair? Let’s get it thicker! You can use the neutral hennè! There are several tipes of neutral hennè, the most popular is called “cassia”. You can find it to the herbalist’s shop. You have to mix it with hot water and whatever you prefer. I usually put in a spoon of honey. After,it has to stay for 2 hours. Them, you have to put it in your hair like a dye and leave it on for 2 hours. After you have to wash your hair, and TADA’! Your hair is thicker! -Step 2. You have to use some produces taht don’t make your hair flat. You have to stave of some ingredients to your shampoo and conditioner, like “sodium laureth sulfate”, “sodium lauryl sulfate”, “diemthicone”, “amodimethicone”. -Step 3. Straighten hair are the abc of the scene hair. Yuo have to use a protection from the weather. Then, you can use the hair straightner at no more than 170°C and you can’t straight the roots. -Step 4. Tease your hair! Tease and add a lot of hairspray. -STep 5. Our hair can’t be flow for a lot time, so we have to focus the attention to the hair color. You have to pay attention, because thin hair gets damage very easily. You have to do a dye without ammonia. Some great dye’s brand, that you can do at home, are “Crazy Color”, “Manic Panic” or “Stargazer”. If you have dark hair, you can dye it black, black-blue or purple. If you have light hair, you can dye it pink, red, light blue… If you want, you can also bleach some tresses and dye they of a contrast color. This are 5 hints, very simples, to get your thin hair scene =)

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