Scene ‘Lionasour

March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

my name is Skiie <3
scene to me is kinda like a raver,
if you dont know what a raver is , there someone that listen to hardcore /softcore techno and wear lots of colors(:
My scene is black hair with an awsome roccken hatt:3
black eyeliner that goes out just a little for a wing with a bit of color at the end of the wing,long eyelashes<33333
my wrist Kandi <3333Bisexual C:
be who you are and not who your trying to be (:
be the inner you (: the unique energetic beautiful you<3
~~ my nerd Quote~~
Some girls DREAM of having a knight in shining armor. i HAVE something better… a dork in an W.O.W headset ^_^ <3
W.O.W AKA world of warcraft <3333!!!!

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