March 22, 2012

Georgiie stealsRainbows

How to do watermelon nails 😀 ! (Easy) :

– Get hold of pink/red, black & green nail varnish
– Have paper or tissue to have your hand on so you don’t get it everywhere ¬_¬
– It’s best to have a special nail kit with the varnish pens to do this.

Let’s get started then c:

1. Paint the pink / red nail varnish on all of the nails then let it dry.
2. After, put green around the top and sides of the nail.
3. Put black dots on, randomly.
4. Wait for them all to dry and ta-da c: !

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  • xXGina~Wants~BluudXx<333

    haha i used 2 call meh self gorgie xD but it got old 4 meh :/ lawlz


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