It’s Leah, Lovely

March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

Fly, Mockingbird (I wrote a poem. Hope that’s okay for the article. ^^”)

The gentle beat of your wings,
brings rain to once dry land.
Soar across the sky;
Carry a peaceful banner
Land, spreading thick, red love.
You give us hope.

The soft grip of your beak,
holds the colorful ribbon tight.
Take off and glide over the burning forest;
Swoop down, take their weapons.
Replace them with your kindness.
You give us peace.

The sharp talons on your feet,
rarely used but to pick food off trees.
The trees sing your song, as do the bushes.
The grass sings, too. Only for you.
The berries and flowers spread the color.
The color of hope. The color of peace.

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