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August 12, 2013 in Archive articles



How to make hair extensions :):):)

1Decide what your color scheme is. It’s easiest to do a lighter base color and darker leopard print.

Dye your hair the base color. Suggested colors are blonde, white, or an unusual pastel color (pink, green, blue). Allow time to dry unless the darker color needs to be applied to wet/damp hair.

Mix the darker print color (black, brown, dark unusual color) and squirt it into a cup or bowl.

Take a celery stick and press the end into the darker dye.

Stamp hair dye on to look like leopard print, and do any extra detailing with a cotton swab. Hair on your head should be held flat while pressing so the dye doesn’t smear too much. Loose hair should be pressed into the palm holding it, like above.

Add middles to your leopard print be adding a medium color, if desired. Use a cotton swab.

Rock your new do! If it doesn’t look right to you, see a local hairdresser.

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