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July 26, 2014 in The SceneKing


Hi my name is Whitney 🙂 I’m really nice and love meeting new people! I sing and dance a lot! If you wanna know more just ask 🙂

Jordan CheetohMonster

July 11, 2014 in The SceneKing

How to not get dye marks So first figure out what your doing (coon tails, your whole head, streaks, ect.) Then get either petroleum jelly or conditioner and either line your hairline and part of your forehead for some streaks or your whole head, or your scalp for certain streaks and your whole head, or the parts of your hair you don’t want to coon tail. And wear gloves when you dye your hair unless you want your hands to match your hair! Have fun dying your hair! =^.^= ~Jordan 😀

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July 10, 2014 in The SceneKing

The Judgers- So yeah, people will judge you if you decide to become scene/emo/Goth But, why? It’s actually a really plain reason. They JUDGE you, because they don’t like your style. Kind of outrageous right? The fact that people will HATE if they don’t like the way you ACT or LOOK. A simple tip from me? Don’t listen to them. I know you’re saying, “That’s easy though.” Oh boy, you are totally wrong. One way or another, you’re going to give in and listen. You’re not going to immediately “accept” it. You’ll have some troubles and a few times you may get down or stressed. However, you just keep being YOU. Just think for a moment, WHO is controlling you? NO ONE but YOU. Who has the right to judge you? NO ONE. Heck, you shouldn’t even judge yourself! ~Some friendly advice :3


Heather Hush

July 10, 2014 in The SceneKing

ColorTouch-1388698644478How to tease your hair: before you get to teasing make sure you have what you need: hair spray,teasing comb,clips Before you start teasing, make sure your hair is straightened,curled,ect. To your desired look. Now let’s start teasing. 1. Brush out your hair an clip up any hair that you are not teasing at the moment. For a bigger poof, separate your hair into smaller sections. For a smaller poof, separate your hair into bigger sections. 2. Spray your section of hair with hair spray an start to tease(back comb) your hair to your desired look. Repeated with each section. 3. Smooth out your hair so no knots are showing. ***TIP*** do NOT tease your hair everyday as It will lead to hair damage. ***TIP*** if you are going to tease your hair, get a nice repairing shampoo that with help seal split ends an repair your hair. This is not needed, but I do recommend it.



July 10, 2014 in The SceneKing

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Hannah Nichole

July 10, 2014 in The SceneKing

I love heavy metal and I’m a crazy wild scene chick that loves to party XD

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July 10, 2014 in The SceneKing


How to dye your hair BRIGHT!!! 1. Bleach hair if dark 2. Apply desired colour or colours 3. Leave in for the time allocated on the packaging 4. Wash out and dry and style your hair 5. Enjoy!!


July 9, 2014 in The SceneKing


I am Anastasia c: i love bands c: i want my lip pierced and my belly button im only 15 ;-;


July 9, 2014 in The SceneKing


Dont let the cuteness fool you XP and I’m a scene queen XD

Christoria Phycosis

July 9, 2014 in The SceneKing


I voted on doing the article on what I feel being a scene kid is about. Its about expressing yourself as a individual and showing what you’re about. Also its about being unique and not doing what everyone else is doing. Thats why im glad im a scene kid.