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May 28, 2013 in May 2013 Articles

Easy Chalked Hair

What you’ll need:

1. Newspaper or a sink to lean over (chalking can get messy!)
2. A spray bottle of water
3. Plastic gloves
4. Chalk pastels
5. Flat iron
6. Hair dryer (optional)


– Have your hair straightened and/or styled before-hand.
– Wear a shirt you don’t care about getting dirty.
– Do NOT comb your hair after chalking – even if it’s dried. Combing
it will take out the color.

1. Lay out your newspapers or find a sink.

2. Put on your gloves so you don’t dirty your hands.

3. Taking your spray bottle, find a section of your hair and spray it

4. Then, pick out a color and turning it horizontally, run it down the
individual piece of wet hair until it is as vivid as you’d like. Avoid
running it up – this will only tangle your hair!

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on other strands of hair until you’re
satisfied. You’re done chalking!

6. Now at this point, you can choose to either blow-dry your hair with
a hair dryer, or wait until it dries on its own.

7. When your hair is dried – voila! You can now show it off
for…approximately one day. 🙂


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