Angie OhNoNotYou – what scene is.

April 9, 2012 in April 2012 Articles

Scene is very much an attitude as well as it is a style. Yes, being scene is a way to be beautiful and confident, but that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be rude and arrogant. Being scene is about being bright, but don’t let the brightness only be in your make up and cloths. It’s gotta be in your personality. Your personality is supposed to shine through everything and let people know who you are, don’t hide it. Scene kids have something about them that just draws others to them. People spend 24/7 looking up pictures of scene people and wondering how to be like them. They are like Idols, nobody want’s to know that their Idol isn’t what they thought, you gotta be confident but kind. You can’t just rule the entire world, it will never be that way, also there is always gonna be someone better than you, that’s just the way it is.  Also the more you act like you’re better than everyone else, the more alone you’re gonna end up, so seriously be nice. Don’t be afraid to smile, you’re beautiful so you need to show that to the world. If you wanna be scene It takes a a lot of work. You’ll spend hours on your hair and make-up. Personally it’s takes me almost 2 hours to straighten my hair when i get out of the shower (extremely difficult hair) teasing it and putting in the hair extensions, hairspray, and VO5 hair molding gunk is another hour (used to take way longer.) I’ve gone pro at doing make-up and it still takes me about 25 minutes to do it, I spend most of my time on my eyes because lip gloss and blush take 2 minutes put together. When your body is the size of a 13 year old’s, finding stuff that fits is difficult, that’s what sewing machines and glue guns are for. C= Also spend at least 2 hours everyday uploading music from amazing bands like ISMFOF and A Day To Remember ect. (It’s a really long list, but if anyone want’s it just send a message.) Be unpredictable at all time to everyone but yourself. See I told you it takes work, and not just with looks either, but it’s worth it. C=

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