My Hair, suggestions?

May 24, 2012 in The SceneKing

Hai, i’m Olivia pleased to meet you. 😀 right so i have natural blonde hair and i do NOT want to dye it any other colour, i already have a side fridge but i was wondering if i should get some really choppy layers put into it to make it more interesting and easier to tease.. opinons?

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  1. i agree with babycakecoffins…

  2. i have choppy layers and my hair stylist does the razoring thing. you just have to tease it A LOT for it to work out perfectly.

  3. Razoring is the way to go. It looks like you have nice hair. I wouldn’t dye it either if my hair was that pretty

  4. i have blond hair too…i dyed mine though….i agree with babycakecoffins…but if you like the lokk of colored hair get extensions(u prob already do that though lol)

  5. hmm i tink choppy layers and razoring it would be interesting and give it a soft look :]

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