March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

3 tips on fashion, makeup, ect. ^_^ ENJOY!

1.) dont match your eye shadow with your actual eye color. choose a color that compliments your face and makes your eyes stand out (in a good way)
2.) ZITS!! ways to cover up those embarressing blemishes. in between your eyes: hide it with nerd glasses. on your temples: draw a heart or a tear drop over it and make it a new trend!
3.) Dont know what to wear? this’ll fix tht!
Monday: nice and trendy
Tuesay: Tie Tuesday!!! wear a tie and rock it with some skinnys and high tops!
Wednesday: NERD HERD! wear some nerd glasses and decide for yourself what would look more fashionable with it
Thursday: Hello Kitty! dress colorful! get some bows an whiskers and your ready to go!
Friday: FREAKY FRIDAY! mix match bright neon.. well, EVERYTHING!

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