Ryan Reckless

March 22, 2012 in January 2012 Articles

How to do scene make-up:

1. Base.- Choose a base that fits the skin tone you want. Wheather you want it to be pale or tan.

2. Eyeshadow- Choose very bright and fun colored eyeshadow. Choose ones that fit you and your personality.

3. Eyeliner- Choose eyeliner of any color you want. It can be any color and you can put on top and bottom or just bottom. You can also do fun designs with your eyeliner on the side of your eyes.

4. Mascara- Pick a mascara that you like and makes your eyelashes big and bold. You can also do false eyelashes.

5. Bronzer and Blush- Put a little bit of bronzer and blush on your cheeks to make you cheeks a little pink . If you don’t like bronzer and blush you dont have to use it. It’s just for fun.

6. Lip Gloss- Pick a fun and sparkly lip gloss that makes your lips pop.

If you want you can add little touches that you would like. You don’t have to do all these things. If you do not like wearing blush or anything you don’t have to.

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