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How to tease your hair!(:

Straighten your hair. Make sure you include your layers to make teasing your hair easier. Do not forget to use a heat protectant for your hair – scene hair gets

damaged easily, with all the teasing and straightening. The least you can do is take every precaution to prevent damage as much as possible.
Section your hair into manageable pieces. Clip your hair back into manageable chunks similar to sectioning it for blow drying
Teasing Take the first section near to your crown and tease it. Backcomb the hair section from the tip to the root of the hair.Seal the teased section with a firm hold

hairspray. Spray your hair after every section to stop it falling down while you tease the rest
Teasing some more Repeat the teasing and hair spraying for the other sections. Continue to tease and hairspray the other sections of your hair.Lightly brush the

highest layers. Brush the top layer of teased hair gently to prevent your hair looking ratty. You can also take this opportunity to adjust pieces of your hair and

perfect it.
When finished, use both hands to smooth back your hair, or, for extra volume, push up the layers of your hair from the roots with your fingers. Fluff your hair by

shaking your head a little.
Done! Hold the hair with more hairspray. Spray the hair with more hairspray to hold it and finish it off!

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