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 People with scene fashion always succeed to stand out from the crowd and never fail to draw in a lot of critiques.

Nothing stands from the Scene look more than the Scene hairstyle. A long side fringe (bangs) or even just a straight fringe. With just one colour or even many colours dyed through their hair. Back combing of the hair is common under or even on top of the layers. A common hairstyle for scene hair is short in the back and long in the front.

Secondly comes the scene clothing. Lots of accessories which may include colourful braceletes, necklaces, big earrings, ect. Piercings are big in the scene fashion as snake bites, septum piercings and plugs are very popular and even tattoos are common. Skinny jeans, strappy tops and bows are a must for most of the girls who like the scene fashion and skinny jeans and v neck t-shirts for the boys.

People who love the scene fashion also love to stand out from the crowd, but the most important thing is to have a good personality. Not everyone likes anyone too cocky but not everyone likes someone who is too shy. Try to find a middle ground.

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